Painless Dental Care in Walnut Creek, CA

Please meet Dr. Vanessaa Gloor who will be taking care of your needs and preferences. She feels it is a privilege to serve you and are dedicated to your having a comfortable dental experience. If you would like a cold drink, warm blanket, or relaxing music -------------- just ask.

Vanessa Gloor, RDH, DDS

Dr. Gloor began her dental career in 1964 as a dental assistant. In 1976 she became a dental hygienist and graduated from Sacramento City College with honors. In 1991 she attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry graduated with honors in 1994 and was inducted in to the TKO honor Society for her high scholastic achievement.

She has sponsored Movies Under the Stars and has contributed to any local and international organizations. She has lectured pro bono on health and wellness.

In her spare time, Dr. Gloor enjoys gardening and dining al fresco. She has studied several forms of dance, from ballet to belly dancing, tap, jazz, and ballroom.

She speaks a little French and has traveled to Paris, Rome, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Japan, and Russia. She enjoyes picnicing, bicycling and skiing.

She has one granddaughter, Christina, age 13 whose parents are Stephen and Vicki. Her daughter Laurel goes to Tahoe every weekend with her husband Terry.

Her passion in life is to take the fear out of going to the dentist.



" I drive from Auburn to bring my family here.  I won't let anyone else treat my childresn.  Dr. Gloor is so gentle and caring.  My 3 girls love coming here.  And Dr. Gloor knows that my teeth are sensitive to cold water and always uses warm water for me.  She's the BEST!" Tina B.

"Dr. Gloor is very fair with her prices and doesn't keep me waiting.  AND SHE NEVER HURTS ME.  I would never go anywhere else." Gus P.